Pricing as of January 1, 2022


*All pricing INCLUDES a REQUIRED touchup     within 4-8 weeks (except color boost)*

 ALL Brow Services: $595

Color Correction: Brows with prior pmu with residual color: $650

Eyeliner: Upper only: $350

Upper and lower eyeliner: $495

Brows/Eyeliner Discount:
 Brows & Upper Liner: $850     
 Brows, Upper & Lower Liner: $950

 Lip Color/Blush: $650

3D Areola Restoration: Contact for pricing.

Beauty Mark: $95

Removal/Pigment Lightening:
     $175 First session;
     $150 subsequent sessions

Color Boost (12-24 months of last PMU service, MY prior clients only):

      Brows: $325 

      Brows and Upper Liner: $525

      Brows and Both Liners: $600  

      Upper Eyeliner: $250

      Upper & Lower Eyeliners: $375

      Lips: $400

If you are over 65 you will receive an aged to perfection discount of 10%.

Pricing does NOT include N.J. sales tax