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Cosmetic Tattoo Gallery

All services performed by Enhanced Face Studio are designed and executed according to the following principles:


ALL designs will be: Timeless, Classic, Elegant, Natural, and Beautiful.


 YOUR design will be fully customized to YOUR unique facial structure and skin type. The service will provide value by replicating what was lost, enhancing your natural features, and saving time in your day. 

You can find answers to a lot of popular questions in our FAQs.

Nanobrows by Enhanced Face in New Jersey
Hunterdon County happening list winner 2021 Enhanced Face Studio
Winner of the H List 2022, Enhanced face studio for hyper-realistic cosmetic tattoo
Powder brows by Janice Hiple near Doylestown, PA
Microblade Brows at Enhanced Face Studio near Doylestown Philadelphia
Powder brows created in the Studio near Easton, PA
Tattoo artist Janice Hiple creates a fuller looking brow using microblading techniques
reshaped brows created by cosmetic tattoo artist Janice Hiple in Lambertville NJ
Permanent eyebrow tattoo can help to create a new shape that suits your face by Janice Hiple in NJ
Nanobrows by Enhanced face Beauty permanent makeup clinic in Lambertville New Jersey
3D areola restoration tattoo by Janice Hiple in Lambertville New Jersey
3D Areola tattoo by cosmetic tattoo artist Janice Hiple near Easton, PA
3D nipple tattoo created after mastectomy by artist Janice at Enhanced Face near Easton Philadelphia
Hyperrealism for cosmetic tattoo in New Jersey
Eyeliner tattoo by permanent makeup clinic in New jersey
Fuller eyebrows achieved through cosmetic tattoo hyper realistic techniques
Get strong eyebrows with permanent makeup near Branchburg, New Jersey
Cosmetic tattoo healing process after a session at Enhanced Face studio near Easton PA
Janice Hiple, Cosmetic tattoo artist will create a custom pigment to match your skin tone
Microbladed brows by Janice the cosmetic tattoo artist near Easton, Philadelphia
Natural microblading in Lambertville New Jersey
Permanent makeup was used to create this look at Enhanced Face studio. Eyeliner cosmetic tattoo
Define your eyebrows with cosmetic tattoo near Branchburg, NJ
Achieve a youthful look with eyebrow tattoo and permanent lip makeup near Branchburg, New Jersey
Fuller brows created by Janice Hiple at Enhanced Face Studio in Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Over-plucked brows that are thinning are corrected by Enhanced Face Studio in Hunterdon County
Permanent lip blush created fuller lips by Enhanced Face Studio near Branchburg, NJ
Hyper-realistic eyebrows that frame the face by Janice Hiple in New Jersey
Color matched brows using microblading permanent eyebrow technique
Create a strong brow look with cosmetic tattoo near Hunterdon County NJ
Pigment matched to complement the skin tone enhanced face studio for microblading near me
powder brows cosmetic tattoo reshapes the brows with a natural look in Lambertville New Jersey
Your cosmetic tattoo artist Janice Hiple will find the pigment to create your natural-looking brows
microblading permanent eyebrows in New jersey
Reshaped eyebrows created by enhanced face studio
Microblading and cosmetic tattoo permanent eyeliner makeup combine to create a strong look in NJ
Color correction and reshaping by permanent makeup clinic in Lambertville
Cosmetic tattoo can create a permanent eyeliner reducing the need for makeup in New Jersey
Brighter eyes created with natural microblading in New Jersey
Cosmetic Tattoo shape correction in the studio near Doylestown, PA
Permanent makeup for eyebrow and lash line
Create a youthful appearance with microblading correction like this before and after image
Hyper realistic tattoo techniques create this permanent eyebrow and eyelash look
Youthful eyebrows by the talented artist Janice Hiple in her Studio in Lambertville
Enhanced facial features through permanent makeup for eyebrow and lash line
Close up of before and after of microbladed eyebrows in New Jersey
Timeline of eyebrow permanent makeup before, after and yearly refresh
Eyebrow and eyeliner permanent makeup cosmetic tattoo
Eyebrows are defined through permanent makeup
Powder brows create a delicate natural eyebrow restoration in Lambertville New Jersey
Eyebrow tattoo and eye liner permanent makeup combine to create this stunning look in Lambertville
A cosmetic Tattoo is used to define the eyeliner and eliminate the need to wear makeup
Smudgy liner creates a permanent fuller eyeliner during the studio appointment in Lambertville NJ
Microblading fine lines to create a fuller natural looking brow by Enhanced Face Studio  New Jersey
Eyebrow and lash line tattoo combine to lift the eye area for a youthful appearance
Powder brows create delicate brow shape and refresh your appearance created at Enhanced Face Studio
New Jersey Microblading can correct thin brows as seen here in this before and after eyebrow tattoo
Permanent eyeliner and eyebrow tattoo can help improve the appearance of the facial structure
Cosmetic tattoo for the eyebrows can help create a more youthful look
Tattooing makeup can reframe the face and achieve dramatic results
Natural shape and color of fully healed nanobrows
Reshaping brows using nano strokes and hyper-realistic individual eyebrow strokes
improved facial structure through cosmetic tattoo for realistic eyebrows
Hyperrealism for eyebrow tattoo by Janice at enhanced face studio

More about the services offered by Enhanced Face studio

Areola 3D reconstruction

Areola complex reconstruction is a 3D areola tattoo that restores the appearance of a natural-looking areola complex to the breast area as a final step in the breast reconstruction process following breast cancer surgery. 

Eyeliner cosmetic tattoo

Eyeliner cosmetic tattooing creates the illusion of darker, thicker lashes.


ALL eyeliner designs created at Enhanced Face Studio begin with a Lash Line Enhancement, which is depositing color between the eyelashes and very close to the lash line.

Eyeliner tattooing can create the optical illusion of a slightly upturned eye.

Please note: we do NOT do thick eyeliner or large wings.

Cosmetic tattoo for lips

Lip tattooing fades at least fifty percent when healed, leaving a pretty lip stained effect. Lip tattooing creates even color throughout the lips, and fills in patchy areas at the edges of lips, creating an even, fuller lip look. 

Eyebrow services

Powder Brows are also known by the following terms: Soft Powder Brows, Ombré Brows, and Microshading. This technique creates a fine-to-thick dusting of color across the brow space, creating a look of well-applied makeup with a bit of translucency. This technique is suitable for all skin types.

Hairstroke Brows are also known by the following terms: Hyper-realistic, Hyperrealism, Nanostrokes, Nanobrows, and Digital Microblading. This technique is executed with a single needle using a machine to create fine strokes in the skin which mimic natural eyebrow hair. This technique is suitable for many skin types and is often combined with shading to create a beautiful, dimensional look.

Microblading is a technique that is only suitable for about ten percent of skin types. It is created by dipping a hand-tool containing a row of blades into pigment and slicing into the skin to achieve a hair stroke look. The hair stroke look can also be achieved with machine work on many skin types.

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