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Preparation for Your Appointment

It is important that you are well-prepared for your cosmetic tattoo appointment. You can find all of the information that you need to be able to prepare for your cosmetic tattoo in the following guide.

If you have questions that are specific to your treatment, please read our FAQ pages where you may find your question has already been answered.

Feel free to contact me by text or email if you have any other questions prior to your appointment.

 You will receive additional information specific to your service by email 2 weeks before your appointment.

Book your appointment at Enhanced Face Studio for permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo

Appointment Confirmation and Preparation

  • *For insurance and NJ State regulations, please bring “government issued photographic identification” with you. It is REQUIRED that a photocopy of this record be kept with all client files per NJ State Sanitary Code 8:27-4.1, (c) 1.* 

  • Please DO NOT bring anyone else into the studio with you. 

  • Recent guidelines for Covid vaccines recommend a waiting period of 2 weeks between vaccines and cosmetic tattoo services.

  • Do NOT take aspirin, ibuprofen or other NSAIDs for 48 hours before your appointment UNLESS it is prescribed by a physician. 

  • **Do NOT consume alcohol the night before your appointment!** 

  • If you have a joint or valve replacement or need to pre-medicate for dental procedures you MUST pre-medicate for this appointment as you would for a dental cleaning.

  •  If you drink coffee please only have ONE cup the morning of your appointment! Eat a good breakfast or lunch. 

  • ALL CLIENTS- PLEASE DRINK 2 large glasses of water the morning of your appointment. 

  • BROW CLIENTS: Exfoliate your eyebrows the night before and morning of your appointment. A Buf Puf is best for this but an old washcloth will work if you don’t have an exfoliating pad. THIS PREP IS VERY IMPORTANT! 

  • Brow dye must be completed 2 weeks before your brow appointment. 

  • EYELINER CLIENTS: Do NOT wear contacts the day of the appointment. Lash extensions must be removed 2 weeks before the appointment. 

  • Eyeliner clients MUST stop using waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara 2 weeks before your appointment.

  • Lash growth serums must be stopped 8 MONTHS before an eyeliner service. 


  • It’s a good idea to bring a blanket and/or sweater. 

  • Please DO NOT arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment time. 

  • ***DO NOT PARK in the lot next to the building!*** 

  • There is AMPLE parking on BOTH SIDES of Wilson Street in front of the building and on Rt. 29 adjacent to the building.

Here is a photo of the building:


The Address is:

1 Feeder ST.,

Lambertville, NJ 08530

The Studio for Enhanced face for microblading, permanent makeup, hyper-realistic eyebrows and cosmetic tattoo

I look forward to working with you! Please email or text with any questions. See you soon! 

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