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Enhanced Eyeliner - Upper & Lower

Small Wedge, Wing, Flick, Smudgey Look

  • 4 hr
  • 595 US dollars
  • Double Appointment

Service Description

Reserve your Enhanced Face Studio appointment with a $100 booking fee, fully credited towards your session. Eyeliner Beyond the Lashline ranging from subtle to slightly bold, respects your eyelid anatomy. We don't offer large, thick styles, focusing instead on sophisticated, natural looks. Small Wedge: Ideal for a discreet uplift, the Small Wedge creates a wedge-like line at the eye's outer corner, enhancing your natural beauty with a gentle, impactful lift. Small Wing: Timelessly elegant, the Classic Wing extends beyond the lash line in a sleek, upward sweep, complementing your eye shape for a chic, striking look. Subtle Flick: This minimalistic technique adds a playful, refined twist at the eye's outer corner, offering a classic glamour touch suitable for all occasions. Smudgey Look: For a softer, diffused line reminiscent of gently smudged pencil liner, the Smudgey Look is perfect for a bolder eye while maintaining natural grace. At Enhanced Face Studio, we tailor each style to your unique preferences, ensuring a sophisticated enhancement to your everyday appearance.

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